Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another version I created at AAU - wall texturing demo

Here is one I gave a little more love to texture wise. Not so much the burning but the faded areas and chipped paint. Still needs more but I kind of like this one little better. I think combining a bit of both would be sweet. I just may do that- love child of dirt

Friday, March 11, 2011

A glimpse into the future

So this is the scene I will be building texturing and lighting as well as the Victorian Library. I am REALLY excited about it

I will update my class demo below this post this weekend with some nice tid bits but I wanted to share this shot. The others I had are cool but not as interesting. The cool part is I will be making generic towns folk walking that will be blurred out- more than likely in post to at least give this a cool feel. The Camera will then focus on the sketch of the hero running over roof tops you saw a few posts back

I need to design his face WITHOUT armor still

Monday, March 7, 2011

In class demo

Here is a sample of a demo I did in class in Designing 3D environments. The topic was form and function. The class seems to be suffering from a bad case of I can't texture. I will go back and add some crack details, faded areas and finish texturing this Neo-Tokyo tid bit in hopes they will understand illustrating textures and editing photos and how to combine that with solid models. I will be making a video for them this week

We shall see how far the rabbit hole goes

First Draft of the Victorian bad guy house thingy- door section

So I started environment production and as well as characters on our first dive into 3D cinematics

I am basing the library on these two concepts. The Green frame is the base

Below you will see the start of the structure. I am alpha mapping many of the cut out details - or at least experimenting with that idea. I may just break down and use the poly creation tool. Keeping it simple

Once I finish the silhouette I will go back and edit it by removing polys that don't help the silhoutte for a quicker render time