Friday, August 19, 2011

Sean of War head done CHECK!!

Now for all the nice bits, armor and such. Notice this is an animation model....MMMUUAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Going to make eye and mouth cavities now.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

75 mill to a mere something

So I am re-topologizing my high res sculpt from mudbox of Sean of war for my 3D rigging class. He came in at about 75 Million

The first one I built was not so great So I resculpted him exaggerating my features. I want to get a kind of cartoony feel to my head and body

I used Make human as an initial template for the sculpt. Then taking it to 75 million with sculpted features and rebuilt the head from the ground up.

Notice my irregular quads set up for deformations. I really love 3D coat. Great piece of software!!!!

Just thought I would post this. Having some fun with it but learning I need to faollow my own advice and draw some of this out first... :P

Otherwise I nerd obsess. Oh and yes I do have a butt chin under this goatee.