Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hybreed super hero love child

So we need to remodel the lead character fro our 3D trailer tied to our comic book.....Reason why?. Well he looks too much like an actor and not stylized (as in the 3D model not particularly the sketch) ....AKA not my design style....all my art work as you can see has a bit of the comic / cartoon or comic book feel. I want to add that and for fun put a bit of my features in the main character....hehe...The image below is my contract artist for the comic book

Monday, January 11, 2010

Some game animation

Here is a walk Cycle I did for Run Like Hell...holy cow found a bunch of old animation....will try to post it...Flash back!!!

.........Thought I would post some of my early illustration work...check it out

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Animation with color pass and Clean up

Here is the first color pass and clean up animation....not too shabby

Animated series Pitch color Clean up

Here are some of the color passes on my I love this stuff...WAY awesome....I eat sleep breath animation. My team all I have to say is amazing. They make being an art director way easy

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Most people in my classes I talk freely about these projects but because this is not a locked down blog I must be a little stealthy...Here is one of our initial animation tests...came out great....we are cleaning it up and adding color.....If this plays back poorly on the web give me some time to play with the compression to get it right....It's seems to lack a bit to get it to fit.......I might play with contrast. ...and Yeah I removed the audio. SHHHHHHHH stealth!!

Not all things are 3D

So here is a project we are also working on for a pilot pitch to the cartoon network......I blurred out details to protect the innocent...(my IPS) these are my designs and my concept and man it is really coming along awesome.....These are my guys in Brazil kicking 2D butt.......we are adding color and did some animation tests....A lot of these are missing my notes so all things have been noted and changes made

The NAzi character Walk cycle - For Animated short

So The character looks I was going for is very European .......Like the yellow Submarine.....IF you don't remember it it's an animated movie came out in the 60's with the Beatles as the main characters.....I loved the weird and strange shapes and small heads......I combined this look with my design....The first round of designs I tried too hard to get a wrinkled manufactured cloth look out of the shapes of the outfits and it looked like @$$. So i went back exaggerated their features and such. Here is the main character rigged and animated

I may add more movement on the head but it's a tough balance he cannot look too real or people will think or loose the illusion that it's not clay.....not sure if that makes I will post some stuff from the 2D pilot pitch I am art directing and writing guys are kick butt awesome

It's weird the play back on this vid is half the speed of the one that got posted....sorry guys not sure why........but trust me when I say it's much slower out side this web post......weird.....oh and less choppy

Yo Animated short with STop motion coolness

So here are some of the scenes of a stop motion animated short I am working on....all is in 3D. The tough part is getting 3D to simulate this look......down right BIOTCH.......but this is what I have so far and I am diggin it...just need to tweak the village textures a bit more

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome to My 3D personl blog

Here I will be showing my multiple projects I am working on and what I am doing.....expect posts soon